July Cryptocurrency
Flash Sales

Over 3,000 items for sale | For only 750 registered users | Up to 100% off with Cryptocurrencies | Visit store and preorder

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July Flash Sales

In partnership with Mega Minds Ltd and Michael Bolaji Photography, Crypto2Naira brings you the best cryptocurrency flash sales yet. Over 3,000 items available for sale, up to 100% cryptocurrency price tag.

We're creating values for the cryptocurrency community and we aim high at building an excellent platform of exchange from cryptocurrency to cash.

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Seamless and Easy

Can't wait for the deal day?

Simply visit the e-commerce store and preorder the items you want. Then you just come and pick them up. Easy.

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Cash in a Flash,

Too Beautiful to Resist.

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Super Deals

100% OFF

Get these products at 100% cryptocurrency, no cash at all.
[TBC, BTC and GRC accepted.]

Free Payment Voucher

Enjoy Free Referral Vouchers

After complete registration, depending on which plan you choose, you will be provided with your referral link (not applicable with the BASIC package), with which you earn ₦ 1,000.00 worth coupon for every user that registers for the flash sales with it. The coupons can then be used on checkout while pre-ordering, or on the sales day.

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First Come First Serve

Can't wait for the deal day?

After your complete registration, you can then go ahead to the store and preorder your preferred item(s) which you will pick up on the sales day without stress.

You are not limited to the items you preorder alone. On the sales day, you are free to buy as many as you want. [But you can't buy items that has been preordered by other users. So run to the store now and preorder!]

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Just Enough For Everyone

Over 3,000 items up for grabs

From Phones and Accessories to Fashion and Home Appliances, all are available up to 100% cryptocurrency. All you have to do is to preorder , and they are yours. Visit the STORE to peruse through all the categories.

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Simple Process

Seamless and Easy Walkthrough

Simply choose a plan below to register. Before your registration can be completed, you are to pay your registration fee either through direct bank transfer or through online payment with your credit card. You have 24hrs to do this before your registration will expire. Registration closes on 15th of July, and ONLY registered participants will be allowed to the trade fair.

Also, you will be provided with a printable payment invoice which serves as your entry tag on the sales day.

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Choose your Plan


  • Access to the Trade Fair
  • Preorder one (1) item.


  • Access to the Trade Fair
  • Private Referral link
  • Free vouchers from referrals
  • Preorder two (2) items


  • Access to the Trade Fair
  • Private Referral link
  • Free vouchers from referrals
  • Preorder three (3) items.


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